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Children are Benefactors of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are children’s favorite if there is more than one child in the house with a close age gap. Children love to share rooms where they can have more fun at nights when mom and dad are not present. They can talk quietly to each other while enjoying the comfort and privacy of their own bed until they fall asleep. Many children opt for the top bunk although it is the parents who make the final decision.

Designs options

Bunk beds are available in a myriad of designs and colors to suit the consumer preferences and budget. These beds are great space savers with huge savings. They cost much less than two single beds and take up less space. They are great in fostering sibling relationship.

Cheap quality bunk beds are easily available in the market today as top bed designers recognize the growing needs of children and parents’ budget in a difficult economy. Hamseys is a leading market producer on bunk beds with a wide range of choices that would delight children across the globe.

Bunk beds can also include drawers at the bottom to allow the child some personal storage space or parents can use these drawer spaces for storing extra pillows and bed sheets. A bunk bed may consist of only a top bed with an open space at the bottom. This kind of bunk bed is excellent for a single child as the open space can accommodate a play space or working space with a study table, chair, lights and some simple shelves.

Bunk beds can be custom made with any reputable bed manufacturer to meet the precise requirements of consumers to fit their children’s rooms. Drawers and shelves can be placed under the single top bunk bed for storage of the child’s personal belongings.


There are many types of materials which can be used to make bunk beds although solid wood and sturdy metals are preferred. Many consumers like the solid and sturdy oak and pine from New Zealand for the strong structure on bunk beds. Natural wood like oak and pine come in natural honey color or with a white finish to enhance the aesthetics of any bedroom.

A bunk can comprise two 3-ft single beds with a ladder to climb up and down the top bed safely. Most bunk beds come with cross bars and center rails to ensure the safety of the sleepers. The base may be wood or spring to give a strong support to the back and weight of the sleeper.

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